General terms and conditions (General Conditions.pdf) (Shantibiza) is a part of located at Smeekweg 2A in Laren nh, The Netherlands, and registered under Dutch Chamber of Commerce no. 32115653.

These general terms and conditions apply to all our services. By making a reservation via our website, email or telephone, you acknowledge and agree that you have read, understood and consented to the general terms and conditions below. Shantibiza is an intermediary and makes reservations for you with regard to accommodations and other activities. We aim to provide you an unforgettable holiday! If anything is not to your satisfaction, please let us know during your stay and we will do our utmost to solve the complaint to everyone’s satisfaction.

Our service
Through our website, we offer a platform online for property owners in Ibiza (holiday accommodation providers) to publish their home for rent on a holiday basis and where you can make reservations. If you make a reservation on, you will be are entering a (binding) relationship with the accommodation provider whose property you are renting. We will only act as an intermediary between you and the accommodation provider. Please note that when you book a house via our website, you are bound by our terms and conditions, including our cancellation policy and other booking conditions as described on this page.

After you have given approval on the agreement by e-mail or telephone booking, the holiday home will be reserved for you, and the documentation of your booking will be sent to you by e-mail. With the realization of this agreement, you are obliged to a 30% (in some cases 50%) down payment of the total rental price. This down payment needs to be transferred within 3 days after receiving this agreement. The rest of the outstanding amount (70%) will need to be paid 6 weeks before arrival. If the booking is done less than 6 weeks of arrival, it needs to be fully paid, directly after receiving the invoice and this agreement. When the sum is not paid in time, the client is in neglect: we then have the right to cancel the reservation. The agreed price for the rental consists of the rental price and sometimes an extra administration fee (included in the total price).

Note: It is possible to pay via PayPal. If paid via Paypal, we are obliged to add an extra 3,4% transaction fee to the rental price.

Caution deposit
The caution deposit needs to be paid before the day of arrival per bank transfer. The exact amount can be found on your invoice. We return this deposit (minus any damage costs) per bank transfer within 1 week of departure. Please make sure the house will be in the same state as the day of your arrival. The keys need to be handed over before 10:00h at the date of departure unless agreed otherwise. When you arrive, please check if there is any damage; if so, please report this immediately to your contact person, otherwise we will be forced to bring the damage into account plus a fee of € 25, – (service costs). If the home is found to be damaged upon check-out, we hold on to your deposit until the costs of the damage have been determined. If any damage occurs during your stay, please contact your property person (housekeeping) immediately so they can see the damage and can calculate the costs.

When Shantibiza is forced to cancel a reservation due to unforeseeable circumstances, Shantibiza will try to find a house with similar characteristics. If this is not possible or you do not accept the new house offered, we will refund your payment without any further compensation. Shantibiza does not accept any liability for damages or personal injury that occurred during your stay. Also we accept no liability due to changed conditions in or around the house that we cannot be taken responsible for. This includes construction work. All our houses are rented out for holiday purposes only. Professional photography, weddings or parties in and around the house is only allowed after our permission.

Safety measures
Most houses on Ibiza have no safety features for young children, like a safety net in the pool, poolalarm or high fences. Parents and caregivers are responsible for monitoring the children. Shantibiza can take no responsibility hereof.

Shantibiza is not responsible for problems that arise outside our or the property owners direct influence. For example, water and power delivery on Ibiza can sometimes be unreliable. This is an ‘island thing’ and if you are experiencing any of such problems please contact the housekeeping of the related house.

Arrival and Departure
The house will be available on the day of arrival after 4:00 pm (16:00h), sometimes 5:00 pm (17:00h). On the day of departure, you have to check out before 10:00 am. The keys need to be returned to your contact person/housekeeper, unless you did agree otherwise. Please respect our rules so we can keep a good functioning system. When you are not complying with our policies and you are not leaving the house by the agreed time, we will have to deduct € 50,- from your caution deposit for the first hour and after this €150,- for every half hour.

Bed linen and towels
Bed linen and towels are included in the rental price of the house.
Beach towels are not included. Please bring your own.

The Ibiza Actual regulation does not allow the organization of private parties in houses. When parties are being organized without informing the owner or us, all fines and payments shall be paid by the client. Parties organized without our prior consent may result in forfeiture of the entire security deposit.

Car Rental
Almost all our houses are situated in rural areas where you will need a car to move around. Taxis and public transport can be scarcely available and are not very reliable. On our website you will find reliable car rental partners situated on the airport of Ibiza.

Mobile phones
Most houses do not feature a fixed telephone line. We recommend you to take your mobile phone with you so you can contact us.

Garbage removal
It is highly recommended to remove your garbage each day. You can find disposal bins on the main roads. Please take into account that many houses are situated in the country side, and that if you leave garbage around the house, it will attract all kind of wildlife. On the day of departure, please remove your garbage, or we will have to charge you € 100,-.

On the day of departure you will leave the house in the same state as it was when you arrived. The kitchen, BBQ and all the cutlery that belongs to it, needs to be cleaned and put in place. You do not need to vacuum, clean or scrub the house. The end cleaning is included in the rent. Nevertheless, everything needs to be put in the right place, and all garbage needs to be taken out. If this is not the case, we are forced to charge you € 100,- or more.

In case you lost the keys, we will charge you the costs for replacement. Please note that this sometimes can be expensive since we may need to change the locks, and print new keys and/or order new alarm sets.

Furniture and other properties
It is forbidden to change the way the furniture is placed. The tenant will accept the house as it is and the way the furniture is placed. Furniture is only allowed to be used for the purpose it was designed for. If furniture is missing or damaged, because of misuse, the repair or newly bought furniture needs to be paid by you.

In the case any pieces of furniture are not present or unusable at the end of your rental period, these will need to be paid for or replaced by you with the approval of the property owner. This also goes for upholstery, wallpaper or the building itself. In case of damage, all costs of the broken goods plus cleaning costs of soiled carpets, blankets, mattresses, bedlinen etc. etc. will need to be reinbursed by you.

Blockage of filters
It is prohibited for the tenant to throw anything in the toilets causing the drainage to be blocked. This also goes for the showers, drains, sinks etc. If this happens, the tenant is responsible for the costs of repair.

Every house is designed for a maximum number of people. It is not allowed to exceed this maximum amount of people in the house unless agreed upon. The tenant is responsible for the amount of people in the house. In case you fail to comply, we will be in our right to take appropriate measures: evacuating the house, or an extra charge of € 150 per night per person.

Smoking is not allowed inside the houses. If you will be smoking outside the house, you will need to clean all cigarette buds from the garden etc. when you leave the house.

In most houses pets are not allowed. Sometimes however you can get an approval up front from the property owner. Please contact us for such an approval. There will be €50,- extra charge per pet, per week. Pets are never allowed on furniture (like beds and couches) and in pools. If there are indications pets were allowed on furniture and in pools, extra cleaning costs will be charged. Pet feces will need to be removed at all times, in and around the house! All pets need to be vaccinated against rabies recently. All pets need to be treated against fleas and ticks recently. Precautions against heartworm are recommended. All above are the responsibility of the pet owner.

A travel and cancellation insurance is recommended.

Every cancellation of a booking needs to be communicated with us via email and this will have some costs. In case of a non-communicated ‘no show’, the costs will be 100% of the renting costs and we will not refund anything. The costs for cancellation is calculated as follows:

  • More than 42 days prior to arrival: the total amount of the down payment. (Depending on the house is this 30% or 50% of the total rental amount. You can find this percentage on the webpage of the house and on your invoice.)
  • Between 42 and 28 days prior to arrival: 60% of the total renting cost.
  • Less than 28 days prior to arrival: 100% of the total renting cost.

Once you have committed to a booking, it is not possible to switch to another holiday house. The cancellation rules still apply.

Third party services
Shantibiza offers some additional services and guarantees the reliability of these services. The contact for these services is done directly between you and the service provider for example for boats, cooks etc, see page “Services”. Shantibiza is not responsible for any conflicts between you and this service provider.

All houses that we offer meet the standards we have set, taking into account our taste of the design and furniture of the house. When you have the feeling something is not in order, please contact your local contact directly. Please contact us if the problem is not solved correctly (+31 (0)625026841). We will do all we can to solve the problem. If you leave the house without our permission, all rights for compensation will cease to be valid. If you have any complaints, you should make this clear on paper or via the email, and let our local contact know. When this is not done in the way as stated above, we can not take care of your complaint.

Prices are subject to change without prior notice. No rights are derived from prices shown on the website.

Extra costs:
Baby chair:      € 2,50 per day
Baby cot:         € 5,- per day

The tenant will treat the house, as if it were his own house. If there are things unclear, or when you have questions, please contact us for more information.

Wishing you a nice and sunny holiday on the white island!