Private Chef IBIZA – Shantis IBIZA Services

Private Chef IBIZA - Shantis IBIZA Services

Private Chef IBIZA – Shantis IBIZA Services

Breakfast, lunch, dinner or party? Shantibiza knows a private chef that makes it all happen at your own house!

If you are celebrating an occasion or just want to be spoiled in your own rented villa with the most delicious meals? Because you want to enjoy your own private space or maybe have small children that can easily stay in your own beds at home this way while your having a great time at the dining table!

It’s possible. Shantibiza knows this supercool and most experienced chef that comes at your place and prepares great food. Whether it is breakfast or a long lazy lunch. A BBQ with friends or a Spanish paella night? Anything works just fine, our private chef IBIZA service is ready to go!

For your inspiration, here’s 5 local delicacies that originated on the island using local produce and which still continue to this day. Private Chef IBIZA will prepare these for you with love:

1 Ensalada Payesa

Made from potatoes, roasted peppers and boiled eggs and combined with sliced ​​onions, fresh tomatoes and olives this tasty starter can be accompanied by dried fish in oil. Perfect for the warm summer months.

2 Sobrasada

Sobrasada is made from the lean meat of the pig and some belly pork, all minced and mixed with paprika, salt and spices. It’s heavy and hearty and is quite delicious as a starter or snack on warm toasted bread.

3 Arroz de Matanza

Arroz de Matanza is one of the most distinctive, rich and tasty dishes from Ibiza’s gastronomic history. Mixing rice with pork and herbs in a rich sauce it was usually eaten only once a year. Now this typical dish is served daily in many restaurants on the island.

4 Sofrit Pages

Veggies look away now! A delicious dish using lamb, chicken, pork, sobrasada and potatoes prepared in a large skillet with spices and garlic. Recipes change from family to family but it’s a great comfort food and hangover cure but don’t count the calories!

5 Bullit de Peix

The definitive Ibiza dish for fish lovers carefully prepared using different types of fresh catch in a stock. Part soup, part casserole, part stew depending on your viewpoint but always amazingly tasty.

Private chef IBIZA also can arrange picknicks at various great locations. Shantibiza helps you realizing your dream holiday. Just let us know your wish and we will make it happen!

Private Chef IBIZA - Shantis IBIZA Services

Private Chef IBIZA is a service of Shantibiza. We help you realizing your dream holiday. Ask Shanti, call +31(0)625026841

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