Car Hire IBIZA – Shantis IBIZA Tips

Car Hire IBIZA - Shantis IBIZA Tips

Car Hire IBIZA – Shantis IBIZA Tips

Shantibiza wants to help you out with the best IBIZA tips. For example, our Car Hire IBIZA tips can help you to find the best rates and arrange you a rental car that actually will be waiting for you at the airport 😉

Check Car Hire IBIZA first for the best rates!

Around the airport of IBIZA are various options to rent a car for your holiday on IBIZA. But because there are many opportunities it is a good idea to prepare your holiday. These tips will give you a better understanding of car hire on Ibiza.

For starters there are tools to help you find the lowest rates, is by far the easiest tool. will search, compare and list all car rental companies on IBIZA. Just fill out the desired holiday period and see how all rates are compared in realtime!



But this is only the start, because the next tip of Car Hire IBIZA is this one: are you going for comfort or is only the absolute lowest rate relevant to you?

To explain this; some car rental companies are situated in the arrival hall of the airport. Biggest advantage there is that you can hire your car while waiting on your luggage! These companies have the best service therefor, especially during summertime this can save you more than an hour of waiting time!

These rental companies are situated IN the arrival hall for the best service:


Then there are those companies that require a short drive with a shuttle bus. That will not take long but it requires some extra steps, and more time… If it is worth your while you can find the lowest rates with these companies:

These rental companies are situated AROUND the airport, check for the best rates:


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