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Shantibiza is all about the best IBIZA tips.

To give you a taste of the island, hereby you will find my most precious restaurants in IBIZA. Some excel in the quality of their food. Some shine in excellent service or are located on unbelievable locations. And maybe once in a while there is a restaurant that shines on all of the above. Now that’s what I call Ibiza tips! Enjoy these restaurants in IBIZA.

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Best Restaurants in IBIZA: Yemanja | CALA YONDAL


Since our very first visit to IBIZA an absolute favourite!

The view is simply outstanding. Yemanja is open all year around for lunch and no matter what the season is, you will always find a nice place to sit. It is nice and tranquil in winter with a groovy soundtrack on the background. During summertime the atmosphere is much more lively. The adjacent Blue Marlin is then also open and you will find many more people, but is never over crowded. Both times are fine by us.

The Sangria de Cava is sublime, nowhere better after all these years! We can also suggest the perfect paella and salades.

Best Restaurants in IBIZA: Passion Café | IBIZA


Passion Café can be found on various spots on the island; in San Josep, Santa Eulalia, in the harbour of Eivissa and in Playa den Bossa.

We like to go there for a healthy breakfast. Hearty oatmeal pancakes with fresh fruit and great smoothies. Now there is also a lovely lunch to be had; our favourite? The crispy chicken salade (dipped in raw, crushed cashews) and avocado with honey dressing. Healthy and extremely tasty!

Best Restaurants in IBIZA: The Giri Café | SAN JUAN

The Giri Café | SAN JUAN

The outside of the Giri does not pay hommage to the spectacular restaurant that hides inside.

Everything here is top notch, the service is kind and the indoor garden is gorgeous!

We really do recommend you to drive all the way up north for this lovely restaurant and combine a visit to the local market of San Juan.

Best Restaurants in IBIZA: Utopia | SAN MIGUEL

(no website)

This hidden gem is not easy to find, but the location is absolutely stunning! When you arrive at the popular beach of San Miguel, you need to keep left along the beach following a small trail up until you reach a small sign Utopia. Follow the trail to the next bay, in the deep you will see a tiny and cute beach club. You have reached Utopia…

Fresh fish and vegetables are being roasted on a giant BBQ. You can only have what’s on the menu that day. Afterwards you can take a refreshing dive in the clear, blue water surrounding Utopia!

Best Restaurants in IBIZA: Cala Bonita | CALA S’ESTANYOL


Picture a small cave as in paradise, close to Jesus. But this hidden treasure has to be found first, so pay attention and miss out (like we did the first time) on the rock with the letters ‘Cala Bonita’ that ultimately shows you the way. The follow the dirt road all the way to the sea, you will find that the destination is more than worth the offroad trip!

We have enjoyed lovely salades there during wonderful afternoons with a great view and a deejay playing chill lounge music. Hang loose!

Best Restaurants in IBIZA: Pizzeria Bon Sol | CALA VADELLA

Pizzeria Bon Sol | CALA VADELLA

A simple restaurant right along the sandy beach of Cala Vadella, soaking in the sunset. Baking pizza is what they do best here!

We always opt for the pizza Bon Sol with mascarpone or the Vesuvio with extra egg, rucola and olio picante…

The pastas are equally nice here and so are the sandwiches-to-go, especially the one with tuna..

Best Restaurants in IBIZA: La Paloma | SAN LORENZO


Becoming more and more popular nowadays but still a very enjoyable place. The food is lovely and the garden and atmosphere are a perfect match for a relaxing lunch.

The humus with freshly baked focaccia is unparalleled. As a starter with fresh carrots on the side. Then you can choose from super salades, healthy soups, kebab rolls, quiches and a great hamburger. It is a feast all the way to the home-made pies for dessert.

Best Restaurants in IBIZA: Sir Rocco Beach Club | PLAYA DEN BOSSA

Sir Rocco Beach Club | PLAYA DEN BOSSA

No picturesque little cove this time, but a cool place on a whole other level! Right between the impressive Ushuaïa tower and the Hard Rock Hotel sits this hidden gem squeezed on the wide sandy beach of Playa den Bossa, near Ibiza-Town.

The kitchen is Italian of the highest level. Many great pastas like the Linguine frutti di mare, favourites to our kids. This pasta is wrapped up like a present with all kinds of seafood. The salades are equally tasty and healthy, meat- and fish dishes are a real treat!

As starter we like to share a ‘choice of fried fish’ with a lovely dipping. After lunch there enough space to enjoy the beach and the sea, Sir Rocco has placed very comfortable sunbeds you can use.

Best Restaurants in IBIZA: La Luna Nell’Orto | SAN MIGUEL

La Luna Nell’Orto | SAN MIGUEL

What a lovely place in the centre of San Miguel!

Inside and outside have the good looks of a 600 year old house with the right atmosphere. The service is very pleasant. At night the whole place lights up very romantically.

It is here that we had the best ravioli ever! For lunch or for dinner, be sure to make your reservation up front.

Best Restaurants in IBIZA: Gelato Ibiza | EIVISSA

Gelato Ibiza | EIVISSA

The Vara del Rey is the big square in the centre of Ibiza. Gelato Ibiza sits right in the middle and they have, simply put, the best ice cream of the city.

It is not very cheap but one scoop is quite a meal in itself. The flavours are exquisit and very special like: ricotta with chocolat, or flao (a spanish cream)

Recommendable also are the small pies, we like to walk the extra mile to this place just to enjoy their goodies!

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