IBIZA Villas for 8 people

IBIZA Villas for 8 people

Finca & IBIZA Villas for 8 people

Looking for IBIZA Villas for 8 people? Enjoy Shantis Collection of lovely family-friendly houses. All within walking distance of a beach, hidden away in the campo or sitting on a mountain top with panoramic view. Modern, state-of-the-art Ibiza villas and luxurious estates. Villas with private pools on fabulous locations, overlooking sea or forests. Shantis Collection enables a unique and well-earned break away that suits the most luxurious of holiday wishes.

IBIZA Villas for 8 people? We have many more Ibiza villas for rent in various price ranges. Please contact us for any inquiries. Call +31(0)625026841